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Some of My Gemstones The Hand of the Red Pilgrim How I Choose Gemstones 8 Practical Tips

Some of  Gemstones
 A peek into my life, over the years with the obsession that has now been toned down by my art, the collection of gemstones is limited , but each one unique and with loads of beauty and energy. The journey of the red Pilgrim , full of discovery, obsessions and desires, enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey...While there are so many gemstone lovers and people who love it was not the same for me. It was difficult to buy these stones as some come at quite a whopping cost. Diamonds  are of course my first love and will always remain so after which come Pearls, and then the rest.
With so many of you asking how I choose my gemstones sharing here my emotions and thoughts on this.
1) Of course it is the colour I want, visualize. Some how colours seem to be popping up in my mind and after shortlisting which stones come in these colours I focus on one. Usually during meditations and Doing Reiki healings the chakra energy gets depleted and of course my personal health and aura weaknesses indicate and bring me to that colour. Then mostly it was pink so I have more pink coloured gemstones.My favourite is Rose quartz.
2) I usually put a budget as these gemstones of you buy precious ones are quite costly. So like diamonds, where it is difficult to judge the clarity,  are bought with authenticity certificate. For the other gemstones keeping a practical budget helps, especially if you are obsessed over stones and tend to over buy every time you visit a gemstone dealer!
3) Not all are precious. Semi precious stones are affordable and have their own charm. of course if you can afford the precious , that is Awesum!I prefer a mix of precious and semi precious gemstones.
4) Buy from reputed gemstone dealers , yes, very true, other wise you may end up with a shiny piece of glass! Gemstones are difficult to identify by lay people and all that glitters are not diamonds!This can be reputed jewellers or reputed gemstone dealers. I buy from different sources, the advantage is you get a certified certificate of authenticity of the carat and size of your gemstone.
5) Buy only that stones which you feel connected with. I have not bought so many beautiful stones recommended by those astrologers, I some how can't follow others advice. So I have not taken those even if they assured of the carat and genuinity. The Pink Ruby, stone, I somehow did not connect with it. So did not buy it.I always advice please even if they assure you , you buy only if you love the stone.
Huge Yellow Aqeeq Yameni and Earthy Moon Stone Semi Precious Rubies
6) There are some beauties I have lost , There was this huge green stone ring, Panna, with diamonds, I loved it, finger ring, at Tanishq, but did not, but yet I remember it, it was Awesum! So some times you also lose out on deals and these stones keep coming in your thoughts over the years.... Make the decision if you love a stone!
7) This is very important for every gemstone buyer to understand the concept of gemstones energy. Earth, stones are found from mountains, rivers, sea sides, beaches,  and they are not ours to own. Remembering to thank the universe each time you bring one in your life and wear one attracts so much gratitude and grace from the Universe.
8) Hold the gemstone before finalizing the deal! They are stones that fall in love with you! trust me, if this is mutual love there are immense benefits. Hold them, turn your hand, see how it sparkles, ..some times people also mention that the stone moved, or somehow it communicates to you that it likes you , and once it likes you ,well it is for life!!!
(I also buy from roadside faqeers, I loved their stones since childhood and I have some of my stones from childhood that were really so cheap then , they sometimes have quite rare stones! just don't pay a huge sum here)
Gemstones, each one is so beautiful, the glittering beauties have immense powers and they benefit in amazingly beautiful ways. Intentions are important and the more love you give them, the more, manifolds they will give you in return!
Share, Like , Comment, for the LOVE of Gemstones!
All the Best from Rizwana!

The Hand of The Red Pilgrim
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