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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yellow Aqeek Yemeni Yellow Gemstone for Gut Strength and Healing Solar Plexus

Yellow Aqeek Yemeni
Aqeek the gemstone with mystical history. Known for its immense benefits , it is well known that the yellow stone blesses those whom it wishes and that too in immensely beautiful ways. Though the stone has its origin with loads of benefits in Islam it is universal stone and is used for protection and goodluck.
The yellow colour, the colour of the solar plexus. Gut strength! do check out my latest collection of Healing art "Gut Strength".
When we see yellow, this colour has never got its due respect, and I had often heard yellow does not connect with everyone. This is the chakra colour of solar plexus, the root cause from where all desires come up. All fears, anxieties and restricted feelings. The lack of energy here is seen in form of health problems regarding kidneys, stomach, back aches, spine imbalance,  and usually lower part of body problems. people suffering from weak solar plexus are often timid and introverted with weak digestive system, mostly loose motions or constipation. It can also be opposite that these people with an imbalanced chakra are obese and very possessive.
Then the embedded fears, the anxieties that led me in search of healing the solar plexus chakra. If there is low energy, low self esteem and less desire to work , these all come down to a weak solar plexus, the stomach chakra.
The Yellow stone helps heal this beautiful chakra. aqeek stones are so beautiful and , yes it is true , not all love this , and the stone also does not show its love to all!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. thanks for providing this information on gemstones.
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  2. You are Welcome Brahma Gems!All the Best from Rizwana!


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