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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baaju Band symbolism and significance Different types Designs Wearing Styles of Baju Band

Baju band an ornament , a beautiful piece of jewellery worn on  the arms. Bangles are different than the baju band and this piece is worn on the arms beatifying your sleeveless dress or half sleeve traditional attire.
Stamped with traditional and mythological  motifs the baju band is a great piece of ornament to make a style statement. Going along well with small sleeved attire or sleeveless blouse on traditional sarees or dresses the baju band reflects style, richness and royalty.
Meaning of baju band is simple as baju means arms and band is tieing or covering. The symbol of strength and position worn by kings and queens, the baju band symbolizes great power and strength. This piece of ornament has come up from traditional mythology and ancient times and still rules the ornament box today. Though the baju band has gone through immense transformation in terms of designs and types the original concept still remains the same , an ornament worn over the arms.
Baju Band Kada

Adjustable Kada worn as Baju Band
While the traditional baju band was a thick metal plate in circular pattern worn as a clutch over each upper arms today we have designs studded with precious and semi precious gemstones worn over a single arm also. Any chain, necklace, choker, payal or anklet can be worn as baju band while we see various modifications in wearing styles of traditional jewellery the baju band need not be a baju band and any piece of jewellery ornament can be modified and worn in this style covering up the arm.
Funky baju bands available online have many designs and patterns, semi precious stones studded in metal plates or silver rings studded with pearls.  Single line light weight baju bands and heavy traditional thick designer baju bands , choose the one that goes well with your nature and personality.
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  1. Wonderful and very nice information about baju bands kada.I liked this post very interesting.Thanks for sharing this informative post among us.

  2. Wonderful kind words, thanks Sangeeta for coming by Obsessed Over Stones and this lovely comment.
    All the Best!

  3. Bajuband is very useful in getting traditional look; which made by many different type of gemstones according to your designs. After wearing Bajuband you looks like a pure Rajasthani.

    1. Oh yes agree, the baju band is a traditional jewellery piece, and Yes Love the traditional jewellery of Rajasthan Aviral.
      Thanks for coming by!


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