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Wear Ornaments for Health Benefits Healing Ornaments symbolism and importance

Wear ornaments for health benefits,  healing ornaments, are these some special type of ornaments?  no these are the same ornaments that we wear for fashion and dressing up for occasions. sharing here how your jewellery heals you! While the solah singar involves different types of dressing rituals and ornaments for the bride we here take health point of view and healing aspects of these beautiful obsessions.
Why do we wear ornaments, of course apart from decorating our body and dressing up for occasions there is strong symbolism in wearing ornaments from the healing point of view. Traditional ornaments worn were quite heavy designs and also had a lot of different types of jewellery worn right from head to toe. There are immense health benefits from wearing jewellery everyday.

Finger rings for all fingers

Danglers earrings in sterling silver diamonds
Mahabharata times the queens and kings used to wear different types of ornaments, the baju band, neck laces, chokers as well as anklets and amulets and toe rings all were made  from gold or silver , that is metal and studded with precious or semi precious gemstones.
Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Wear Jewellery for Health Benefits

Yellow Colored Gemstone Ring

Amethyst Stone Sterling Silver Finger Ring
There is scientific proof that these different ornaments worn on different part of the body highlighted the energy around that particular body part they were worn and thus improving the positive energy and making that body part energetic and strong. Different Stones studded in these ornaments had special significance and thus providing healing to the wearer.
Gold and silver, we all know are strong metals and diamonds the strongest stones available. With semi precious colored stones each has its own significance and symbolism. While we choose a yellow stone to heal the solar plexus fifth chakra, the orange stones can be used to heal the Hara or Sex chakra the sixth chakra, and the colored stone red of course to strengthen the root chakra, the seventh chakra.  Green colored gemstones, like emeralds, symbolizing the heart chakra and the blue giving strength to the third eye anjana chakra, the violet highlighting the intuitive energies improving the crown chakra.
Usually healers advise not to have too many ear piercings as  this affects the health adversely.  So while acupressure and acupuncture theories indicate that the ear, a body part, is a symbol representing your body , and each part of your ear represents an organ in your body , having too many ear piercings would replete body energy and thus bring less energy to your body. So while the top part of ear represents head and eyes, the lower portions represent stomach and reproductory organs  as  well as digestive organs. When the right amount of pressure is applied to these points it helps in healing ailments related to the corresponding body part.
Different ear piercings
Acupressure points falling on your body are touched with these gemstones and heavy metals and also  pressed naturally while we wear different ornaments on different body parts. While the nose pin with provide mild energy to this body part the ear rings do provide quite a  good source of acupressure energy to the body, as the ear has proportionate positions corresponding to our body organs.
Nose rings
The baju bands will give acupressure to the arms and heart and the neck chokers help heal the throat chakra. Finger rings studded with different precious gemstones are another important healers today with the amethyst and the rose quartz and rubies and emeralds all have very powerful healing properties which transfer energy to our body from the channel  of our fingers as the stone and metals comes in direct contact with the body.
As we move along, sit  or sleep different types of pressure is applied to our body parts and thus creating positive energy which is beneficial to the health of the wearer. Another strong healing part with wearing jewellery is that as you bathe the water becomes energy rich, one that moves along your body and gives energy. This works just like a purification  ritual as if taking bath with water charged with gold or silver.
Purification and cleaning of chakras also is done daily when you wear ornaments of gold or silver. Silver having shine, improving the intuitive abilities gold provides strength and nourishment to the body. Pearls worn will give you another high though do find out whether this is working positively for you or not.
While cooking the hot steam emitted by fire used for cooking reacts with the ornaments worn by the the lady wearing gold ornaments and bangles, at least some of the energy is put into the food cooked that comes charged with positive gold energy to you.

Kneading dough, cutting, chopping all activities provide some amount of pressure to your body parts and thus ornaments and metals coming in contact with these body parts are showered with energy from these pieces of jewellery.
So while women are so obsessed with ornaments, jewellery and gemstones now you  have a perfect reason to flaunt your pieces of jewellery everyday!
do you feel the difference? share here. Did any piece of jewelry make you feel energized and fresh on wearing? do share your experiences in the comments below!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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