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Different types of Maang Tikas Funky Maang Tikas and Importance of The Maang Tika

Maang tika as the name suggests is  a piece of jewellery worn for the forehead. Worn usually  by brides for decorating the maang, the centre parting of the hair, as a decoration as well as important jewellery. Signifying the marital status of the lady wearing maang tika during wedding ceremony this piece of jewellery was worn for decorating the bride during her wedding considered a sacred symbol.
The design part of this jewellery ornament, maang tika,  consists of a chain that is used  to tie or clip in the head and a pendant that falls over the forehead , the centre place of the third eye. The Anjana chakra, the seat of wisdom and intuition, symbolizing the retaining of energies for protection and family preservation. Woman often considered this a symbol of strength and it instantly highlights the glam quotient of your face.
Maang Tika diamond studded maang tika jewellery ornament for forehead
Wear the maang tika in different styles, improve and flaunt your personal style quotient to a new high! Side ways like in traditional muslims, also called the side Maang Tika, very famous from the Rekha times, a beautiful pearl studded one with heavy gold and stones looking quite elegant,  The single line maang tika with precious or semi precious stones studded, and of course the traditional south Indian maang tikas with many layers covering in strands of jewellery decorating the whole head, the sridevi style and the latest Deepika padukone style from Chennai Express,   looking quite elegant as well.
Traditional maang tikas worn by Gods and Goddesses and kings and queens were made of metals using gold or silver which were often carved or stamped with traditional mythological designs or motifs.
Traditional stone studded Maang Tika

Side maang tika silver traditional

Maang tika with gemstones and forehead chain
Funky maang tikas have no rules and no traditional limitations as this piece of jewellery is no being worn by many unmarried women and young girls also. This single piece of jewellery can become the most important part of your jewellery ensemble and you can carry off any function or occasion with a traditional maang tika worn with any outfit, a sufficient one piece to draw attention in any crowd.
The different forms of maang tika will depend upon  the occasion, the financial position of the wearer and sometimes the age also. As young girls may flaunt a  line of stickers, bindis, or a  temporary tattoo design as  a maang tika some girls  also love to wear the single strand diamond studded one that is sufficient to make your face glow. Funky maang tikas with traditional elephant motifs or peacock motifs are a rage. A geometric design pendant also can go well with any formal attire, here you get to keep the line of formality as well as flaunt your jewellery.
From layered maang tikas to single lines and single stone bindis maang tikas have gone an immense design transformation and a welcoming one. Colored stones studded maang tikas are very unique and also an easy way to decorate your face as well as hair. For formal wear you can go in for single line single stone  studded maang tikas and for traditional heavy costumes, like the Indian weddings, the Anarkali dress very well goes along with the stone studded gold maang tika, leaving aside any other piece of jewellery. The multiple layered or the three layered maang tika also can make you the centre of attention while you wear a formal plain silk pr embroidered saree or Anarkali dress.
A hair accessory the maang tika can be customized and designer maang tikas look unique and fashionable.
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