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Monday, February 10, 2014

Beautiful Purple Amethysts Stone Properties Symbolism

Beautiful purple Amethysts Stone
Amethyst Butterfly Designer Pendant

February birth stone Amethyst 
A stone of renewal and calm, protection,  amethyst a purple stone for increasing psychic abilities, intuition very good for success in any field especially creative fields.
Amethyst has been a favorite because of its beautiful color lilac to purple. 
Since the purple color represents the crown chakra which corresponds to intuitive, psychic abilities it is the most chosen stone among healers and those in para medical fields. 
Designer pendants and bracelets of amethyst stone look very good due to the light reflecting from the lilac stone and the true amethyst stone also changes color, from a sparkling clear white in darkness to a bright purple in full sunlight.
Wear the stone for immense benefits right from getting clear focus in life to attracting peace of mind, and stability in thoughts.
Purple stone amethysts also makes a style statement as the color is a spiritual one and goes with opposite energy of the stones red and green.
A soothing color this stone is chosen for its vibrant serene color and healing properties.


  1. Wow !! You have explained it well. I have also shared the same article about amethyst benefits and properties. Have a visit sometime and explore more knowledge. Let me give you the reference - Amethyst Gemstone Benefits

  2. Thank you very much Anoop, your site is great and you are doing a wonderful job, in spreading the healing, I love stones, my fav rose quartz! All the Best from Rizwana!


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