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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Budget Ranges Diamond Jewellery Look for the Details in Diamond You Buy

Budget range Diamond jewellery has flooded the market and even the lowest budget can indulge in the best stone, diamonds. From women to men to jewellery pieces to accessories diamonds still rule our heart. We now see a lot of fashion pieces in diamond stone jewellery and the ranges are also quite affordable.
Diamond jewellery designers are making this precious stone affordable by making budget range jewellery pieces. Every day wear has come up with beautiful unique small pieces that are cool and trendy in diamonds. From small stones studded in finger rings, to smaller weight gold ear rings with diamonds and even small customized art pieces of diamond pendants are available.
Buying diamond jewellery for the first time is a great experience and we do not want to be fooled, hence getting some information prior to buying helps a lot.  While we see a lot of varying prices in diamond jewellery, especially in budget range diamond jewellery displayed for sale on online diamond jewellery websites. , it is difficult to understand why a finger ring costs lakhs of rupees and a similar sized diamond pendant is much less in price.
What to look out for is the cents of the diamond and certificate of the jewellery purchased in this affordable range of jewellery. The gold metal in these budget range diamond jewellery pieces is usually less weight and carats, usually 18 carts,  hence the lower price.
Diamond in Sterling Silver Budget range Diamond jewellery
Sterling silver jewellery is much less in cost as compared to gold and white gold. Personally I feel when buying diamond jewellery you must not go in for white gold or rhodium polish as the resale value reduces and you have to pay more while purchasing as making charges for these extra polishes. Platinum is another metal which will give out the best look for your diamonds and is quite sturdy but it has low appreciation value as compared to gold that is shooting up.
Every diamond stone jewellery comes with an authenticity certificate and must be collected while purchasing the jewellery piece. In malls and reputed jewellery shops as well as online purchase always check out this certificate of authenticity  and then complete the deal as this is the only way to guarantee you have an original diamond and not a crystal or glass stone!
Unique , designer pieces of diamond jewellery  rocking the market and with diamonds becoming affordable in budget range jewellery it is not a long term dream but one to be enjoyed for everyday!
Have a Great Day and All the Best  from Rizwana!


  1. really informative post ma'am .truly enjoyed it

  2. Thank you very much Rashmi for the lovely comment, Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!


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