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Monday, June 23, 2014

How to choose your beneficial geometric shape jewellery with feng shui which geometric shapes jewellery are best for me

Contemporary Geometric design jewellery, Shapes, geometry my loved subject has come up beautifully in latest designer opting for contemporary geometric designs in jewellery. We see a lot of contemporary designs in branded gemstone jewellery. From square diamond studs to the square kada and the pointed triangle shaped necklace are all style statements in jewellery designs. While a square in feng shui represents stability a circle represents completion, powerful energy of the universe bring in metal luck, as circle is the shape that represents metal element. While the wavy free flowing shape represents water element the long rectangular shape represents growth and prosperity.
Contemporary gemstone jewellery is available in many shapes and designers are going out of the way to create beautiful abstract symbolic pieces of jewellery. From the pointed triangular chokers to gemstone studded rectangular balis and chandelier jhumkas we see a lot of geometry and shapes in modern jewellery.
Metallic geometric shape jewellery set of ear rings and neck piece

contemporary jewellery Square shaped kada
Feng shui knowledge can help you to choose the element shape that is best for you and thus you can invite good luck by wearing the right piece of shape jewellery. From the feng shui energy that comes in every form , even in shape of jewellery, this can benefit you and help to give direction as to  how your day goes.
You can find the personality number by using feng shui knowledge and this lucky number can help you in many ways. When looking at the feng shui Ba Gua map that represents and identifies elements and every aspect of your life energy you can thus select shape that falls into the lucky area. This personality number falls in one of the nine squares of the map and this will guide you as to which shape is your best and which colors will be more beneficial for you.
Example the number 2, south west,  represents relationship areas and the element here is crystals and shiny objects. Choose chandelier crystal diamond balis or any jewellery that has two  at a time in design, like two pendant necklace.
For the number representing the strongest space , south, is the most powerful feng shui luckiest number ,that is nine. Nine is a bundle of prosperity totally and best which you can inculcate in your jewellery design by choosing the best feng shui gemstone and following the number nine in number of stones, or in any way getting a customized feng shui gemstone jewellery made. Thus is your number is five it falls in the centre of the space in the feng shui square and this area benefits from clean neat and elegant designs with clean cut edges.
Wear you shape to attract prosperity , choose your jewellery designs following simple feng shui and feng shui happiness, confidence, good luck.
 Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

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