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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flat gemstone jewellery in Gold Trendy Contemporary gemstone jewellery flat stone advantages

In the latest trendy gemstone jewellery many designers are opting for latest contemporary style designs in jewellery. With colorful patterned and textured gemstones to the color of metals we are today spoilt for choice and have so many reputed jewellery brands into giving us beautiful gemstone jewellery.
Emerald and Diamond Pendant Hollow from inside Budget Jewellery
Flat gemstone jewellery is making way in today’s designs as against the traditional round shaped stones used in every piece. The flat pendants in gold with gemstones, flat shapes ear rings and even flat shaped half beads are making way for a more lighter contemporary feel in jewellery. These customized pieces not only reduce the price of gemstone jewellery substantially but also go very well with western outfits.
Flat stones also have the advantage that they will fall greatly on the skin and give out the stone pattern in a much better fashion. If the gemstone or jewellery piece has self designs, carvings or motifs than these look great when presented on flat gem stones. 
 As compared to round beads which may turn and the designer has to create designs on every side of the round bead here is a little less work for the jewellery designers as well and the customer is also happy with the budget range gemstone jewellery that not only suits your pocket but also looks modern and trendy going along with not only traditional outfits but also for western wear.
Also there is less chances of the stones getting stuck up in your outfit and more visible space means more flat designs that are looking more chunkier and less in weight. No doubt the gold flat jewellery designs are ruling as they are pocket friendly and we get a large sized choker (flat design) in lesser price.
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