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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buying Diamonds Genuine Certified Diamond Stone Jewellery Important Information

Diamond earrings

Diamond jewellery is available according to carat and hence when we see one piece of jewellery for a few thousands rupees the same sized another piece is in Lakhs of Indian Rupees. With the common lay person finding it difficult to reason the varying diamond prices and selecting becoming difficult it is always advisable to buy from reputed certified jewelers who give a genuine certified certificate about the diamond clarity, cut and size, carats.
Gemstones Diamond Jewellery
Even cut pieces of glass and colored glass has the look, the shine and the sparkle, in fact it will have more sparkle than the genuine diamond stones. Since diamonds being a girl’s best choice it is right to look out for genuine information before purchasing large pieces of diamond jewellery. Or when buying, gifting, that first diamond finger ring you would definitely want to flaunt it and hence the knowledge about the clarity and carats comes handy.
Each genuine piece of jewellery, be it finger ring, earrings, pendant, necklace or loose diamond stones comes with a certificate. Never purchase a diamond , without this authenticity certificate, even from known sources , without this certificate. Buying a certified diamond stone  jewellery guarantees its authenticity and also while resale is beneficial to have this knowledge about the genuinity of the stone.
Each piece of Branded diamond stone jewellery made with diamonds or semi precious stones is one of a piece only and has its unique card of authenticity certificate. The certificate is given while purchasing the jewellery and it will have the details about the diamond clarity and cut, shape of the stone and the size along with the photograph of the piece of jewellery.


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