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Owl Shaped Finger Rings Symbolism Choose Owl Shaped Finger Ring Tips

Diamond Owl shaped Finger Ring
 Owl a bird that is rarely seen in cities, but we do see some white owls nearby as we live near a hilly area and of course we humans have actually barged into their habitat,  and the owls are comfortable with this.  Few months back the family of white owls was seen and lots of people panicked! The beliefs are so strong that the poor owls family was driven out,, of course the sound is some what not such a pleasing one, hooting of owls does bring out good pimples!
But in reality Owl are beautiful  large sized birds that symbolize wisdom and intelligence. With their symbolic significance owl shaped finger rings are chosen by owl lovers and those who have their Totem guides owls. In many tribes still owl feathers are used to ward off evil spirits.
Owl shaped  Gemstone Finger Ring
Owl shaped finger rings can be worn in any finger but avoid it in ring finger.I never advise any different shape to be worn except for pure diamonds or gold in ring finger.
Symbolism of owl shaped finger rings and Energy on wearing owl shaped rings-
1) Attracts wisdom intelligence
2) Intuition and visualization improves.
3) Brilliance in your work
4) Quick sharp wit, creative energy.
5) Independence
6) Memory
8) Mystery, Interesting and Confidence
Owl is the symbol of Athene who is the Goddess of foresight and Knowledge. Creative forms of owl shapes and gemstone jewelry is available.
1) Choose owl shapes that look complete.
2) Avoid sharp edges in owl shaped finger rings.
3) See the emotions of the owl  in your ring, especially eyes, must not be angry and violent.
Wear your gemstone unique jewelry with positive intentions to attract good luck and prosperity. If worn in correct direction owls are found to be great guides and protectors.

All the  Best from Rizwana!
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