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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Attract wealth with Sapphire Stone Healing Properties Customized Jewelery

Sapphire a famous stone used by many for attracting wealth and money is considered one of the most sought after in gemstones for its ability to attract wealth and success. Blue, yellow, white, black, purple, green sapphire stone is available in many colors. Many famous personalities boast of benefits from Sapphire stone rings and pendants.
Sapphire stone is used to get rid of unwanted negative thoughts and bring about balance in emotions. It opens the heart chakra for pure love and acceptance thus promoting good relationships and healing pain from past relationships. Frustrations and losses are over come and opening of the heart chakra for new beginnings.
Sapphire a stone of prosperity brings about respect for nature and the gifts from the universe. Sustaining the gifts from nature it helps the individual to achieve more by balancing emotions and removing negative thought patterns and negative energies.
While customizing sapphire stone in jewelry do make sure that it is close to the skin for understanding a feeling the healing effect. Also do not get over power by this stone and use sparingly as too much of turquoise color is sometimes  found to lead to depressive thoughts.

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