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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Latest International Trends in jewellery Palm Rings and Knuckle rings in Amway Attitude Advertisement Fancy finger rings

Fancy latest Finger rings studded with precious and semi precious gemstones is a rage in designer jewellery fashion industry. The new advertisement of Amway products cosmetic ranges Attitude is a best example of  modern fancy designer finger  rings. As we love to flaunt our gemstones we also love to flaunt new trends and latest designs in jewellery reputed jewellery designers are trying out new trends and new wearing styles of the same jewellery pieces.

Gladiator Finger Rings
gemstone finger ring attached to bracelet

Finger rings attached to bracelet

Fancy latest designs Finger rings

Knuckles Ring
Rings have a tradition of becoming famous in movies  be it Hollywood or Bollywood.  So while Don flaunts a special  ring, and Salman khan shows off his blue turquoise gemstone bracelet, many film stars have their initials embedded as customized finger rings. The knuckles ring has become suddenly famous and in limelight by the hindi movie Boss, Akshay Kumar flaunts the finger rings with initials embedded.
Fancy Finger Nail Extension Ring

square nail extension ring

Simple Fancy Finger Rings
 While we see a neck piece worn in a new style, the pendant falling on the back nape of the beautiful neck, we also see kadas worn as baju bands and waist bands worn as saree broaches.   Gone are the days when we wore finger rings,ear rings a neck piece along with kadas in hand and payal in feet. Now the trend is shifting with various reputed jewellery designers experimenting with the traditional patterns and designs in jewelery.
Designer Fancy Modern jewellery
Latest in rings the palm ring.
Palm rings in Gold
While you see the advertisement of Amway product of cosmetic ranges attitude,  the girl wearing different style of finger rings that looks cool. Palm rings covers the hand similar almost like bangle or kada but is worn on the palm with folded fingers. Well you need to hold this forever! There is also a finger ring that looks like a nail art piece attached at the end of the nail, wonderful piece of jewellery like nail art, an extension of nails jewellery. Almost covering the finger tips.

Gemstone rings are quiet popular  as you get to wear your stones close to your skin. Nail extension rings are again another latest in trendy finger rings.
Gladiator finger rings are quiet a rage among college goers and teenagers  who want to express  their freedom along with a source of protection , this patterned  gladiator rings, in shape of an armour,  are quite sharp and made  of metal.
Rings in sterling silver and fancy metal materials are in trend now and also cheaper as compared to gold platinum. And the best part is you can experiment with these fancy jewellery pieces and wear them as you like for newness, freshness of fashion and style, and they are also cheaper as compared to gold, platinum or silver.
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