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Hyderabadi Stones Bangles Kadas and Hyderabad Bangles Care

Bangles of colored stones from Hyderabad
The Hyderabadi stone bangles are so famous ladies go specially to purchase from the Hyderabad bazaar, the area of Charminar has so many bangle shops that we are awe struck by the beauty of these colored stones. So shiny, sparkling with true beauty these are a must have for every bride!
With so many design changes the traditional stones still rule the market.
Affordable ranges and in so many colors still the white stones with pink red blue green and yellow rock!
These bangles are fitted in a metal mould with lac covered to set the colored stones in a design pattern.
Care of Hyderabad stones bangles-
1) never wear near hot fire places as the bangels are ste with lac and it may melt witht he colroed stones falling off, which sure does not look too good with empty spaces.
2) Never wash with soap and water. As these Hyderabadi bangles are set in lac these bangles kadas must be protected from water and other liquids.
3) Never use abrasive sponges to clean the bangles. The stones may come off leaving empty spaces, breaking off the beautiful design of sparkles.
4) With use the stones may lose its sparkle and also when stored over years in humid climate.Wipe with soft wet muslin cloth lightly.
5) Store these beautiful sparkling bangles with acre to enjoy the beauty for years. Velvet cloth bags are a good option to store these Hyderabadi stone kadas and bangles.
6) since the lac is a soft material these bangles can crack and break if they fall on the ground, so take care, lest you spoil your bangle set.
7) In case a stone is seen loose or falling off and you find it immediately stick it to maintain the beauty of the designer bangles
I love these beautiful colored stones and the best part is they are quite reasonable as compared to other stones as this is cut glass. And of course there are a variety of attractive designs and bangle sets, also different budget ranges in these bangles and kadas, the cheaper ones don't last long but invest in good quality bangles and with proper care they can be passed on from generation to generation.


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