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Monday, January 6, 2014

Precious Gemstones Diamonds in Wrist Watch Welcome the New 2014 with Brands using Gemstones in Different Accessories

Diamond Studded Wrist Watch
Welcome the new 2014 with revolutionary designs and uses of gemstones. Wrist watches have played an important part in designing and as colors and textures played with watches, with thick wrist bands and fluorescent colors, designers are now also inventing new patterns of use of precious and semi precious gemstones.
Costliest designer watch studded with diamonds. Gold has always been used in watches as gold plated bands and diamonds have also been used since early times but precious tones and that too studded over and over, brand name!

Costliest wrist watch diamond studded  womens watch
Gemstone studded watches need to be worn wiith care.
Avoid contact with hot liquids, water splashing and soaps, avoid partying hard and eating oily stuff!.
Avoid contact or accidentally rubbing against abrasive surfaces, beware while you walk.
Avoid travelling in crowded places, gemstones are always at risk.
Avoid dressing up in embellished sequined dresses or attires as the stones may get accidentally  stuck with embroidery threads .
Avoid makeup or perfume sprays over your gemstones studded watch, as you may scar them or make their appearance dull.
Always clean the diamond studded watch with soft cloth after use and store it carefully in the box.
So the elite few have another passion and expression in terms of precious gemstones, costliest in true terms,  wrist watches!
Thank you!


  1. Yes we must avoid makeup or perfume sprays over our gemstones studded watch.

    Bausele Australia

    1. yes hardly we realize the amount of harm these sprays have on our precious gemstones, Thank you Jennifer for coming by Obsessed Over Stones. Take Care and All the Best!

  2. Thank you Daniel, These mens watches are so cool, love Them, also great gifting options diamonds and watches are always in style, Thanks for coming by Obsessed Over Stones ,Take Care and All the Best!

  3. Its great to hear your response Rizwana, Thanks for replying, Its a sign that the Blog is listing to its readers. Stay Blesses.

    best luxury watches

  4. Best Luxury Watches are so cool I love diamond studded watches, thank you Daniel for this link, for our readers of Obsessed Over Stones.
    Take Care and God Bless!


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