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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Contemporary Gemstone Studded Wall Clocks Care for Gemstone Studded Wall Clocks

Contemporary Gemstone Studded wall Clocks
Wall clocks in contemporary shapes, designs and gemstones studded inside as well as in designs are making way for another level of interiors. From wall paints to artefacts the humble time showing wall clock has gone an immense modification from large circles and long rectangular shaped grand father clocks to a much unique contemporary designer one.
Gemstones of different colors are embedded in the number sections as well as the background of the wall clock designs.
The exterior of wall clocks are made in different types of colored metals and also finished in very funky as well as metallic finishes.
Large sized Contemporary gemstones studded designer Wall clocks displayed in living rooms or any rooms are one good way to make a style statement with keeping the interiors toned down.
How to care for contemporary gemstone studded wall clocks-
1) wall clocks with gemstones need to be hung securely on firm fixtures and also if possible with support clips for added support.
2) Gemstones will need to be maintained clean to keep their sparkle and shine,  crystal clear gemstones only will reflect light and make the wall clocks look good and any dust or grime accumulated will spoil the finish of gemstones.
3) Cleaning procedures need to be done with care. use of soft muslin cloth dipped in crystal washing solution diluted with water and never use soaps or abrasive sponges to clean gemstones in your wall clocks. Wiping cloth must not have loose threads hanging out as they will get stuck in contemporary designs of your gemstone wall clock while cleaning.
4) Hang your beautiful gemstone studded contemporary wall clocks away from direct sunlight and windows where they will be exposed to strong wins and dust , rain.
5) Light reflecting the gemstones will make the piece look great so install proper lighting indirect sources near your wall clocks to bring out the best beauty in them.
One great contemporary gemstone studded wall clock is enough to make eyes turn and your guests awestruck!


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  2. Thank you Annie for the lovely comment, welcome to Obsessed Over Stones. Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!


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