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Monday, July 13, 2015

Clock gemstone pendants and their symbolism Unique Ruby stone pendant with clock

Working tick tock, clocks pendants! while surfing I found this beautiful unique ruby stone pendant, antique, it has a clock,working!Large stones are great energy and healing properties and clocks always symbolize movement and continuity.
Unique Ruby stone pendant with clock
From bizzare and unique gemstone uses in creative funky gemstone jewelry pendants with clocks fitted are seen as a fashion statement. For the youngsters in search of fun and excitement this sure will turn heads in any group, a timer attached..tick you walk away.
The feng shui energy is a Yang type of course as the clock keeps tick tocking continuously.
Choosing a clock pendant is not for everyone, and not every one will be comfortable with this. While Gemstone antique pendant clocks are awesum  as the sound keeps on continuously and it some how keeps a check as if the heart is beating and keeps one grounded.
Wearing a clock so close to the heart, increases consciousness and keeps one alert.
Do not wear if you are a heart patient or suffer from blood pressure as any such thing affects in increasing the energy here.
You can choose your favorite gemstone in the clock pendant that can help to keep it close to your heart. Do not wear a clock pendant if the clock has stopped working or is fast or slow. It will affect your life and body energy.
If you are the quiet type do not wear this, it will affect the peace of your mind. Also those in professions that require concentration and focus, better to avoid as the mind continuously is towards time/sound form your clock pendant,  and not on the task at hand.
Gemstone antique clock pendant
A clock fitted in a gemstone pendant, sure a style statement! and of course the strong energy helps keep you active! Do share your experiences with gemstones by commenting!
All the Best from Rizwana! Enjoy!

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