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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pyramid pendant Pyramid finger rings how to wear Gemstone Pyramid their symbolism

Pyramid shape has an tip, called apex, with its direction pointed  upwards. Pyramid shape the highest form of sacred geometry symbol has become famous with the Pyramids of Egypt and Cairo, the Egyptians made these pyramids keeping in mind the winds and environment and in such a way that these are strong even after so many thousands of years, one of the seven wonders of the world.
The shape is such that it reflects from the sides light and the point takes the direction of energy connecting to heaven.
This is sacred geometry, the layering of each floor in the pyramid is such that it goes on reducing as it reaches the top, thus making the  pyramid strong. The triangular sides meet up at the apex. It represents a mound  from which man is made. The pyramid shape also resembles to the majestic mountains thus making this a symbol of strength and confidence.
In spiritual energy symbolism this beautiful shape is used to attract higher level energies and give one clear focus and concentration.
Blue Agate stone pyramid shape pendant
Gemstone pyramids have been used in healing and now are ruling the gemstone jewelry industry. Different gemstones are used for energy healing purposes, some help to purify, some remove negative energies from environment and body and some stone pyramids are used to attract health and abundance. Then some help to amplify mental energies, and others help to soothe the soul and bring in peace and acceptance. For relieving stress, depression, anger, healing gemstone pyramids are used to balance energies.
In Reiki and feng shui gemstone pyramid shapes are best for purification and cures. They can be placed on tables for business wealth opportunities luck as well as on children's study table for education luck.
The shape is so beautiful that if you just take it in hand and feel it and observe it gives mental energy.There is divine energy feeling and a connection with the universe.
Rose Quartz stone Pyramid
Black Agate Stone Pyramid Pendant
Modern gemstone jewelry inculcating symbolic sacred geometry is healing and helps keep one grounded,  stable and attract good luck and prosperity.
How to wear a pyramid shaped pendant or finger ring, the direction is very important and also your intentions for choosing a gemstone pyramid shaped pendant or finger ring.
The pyramid shaped pendant is always worn with the tip facing downwards a sit gives stability and grounding energy. especially good for those who need confidence, and those in decision making professions. The shape with its three sided reflects sunlight when worn as pendants and also protects from accumulating negative energy. People also say that negative people and negative situations do not come near them when they are wearing a pyramid shaped pendant or finger ring.
The pyramid shaped finger ring is worn with the point towards outside, that is the tip faces outward and not to the body.
There are different stone pyramid and one must choose according to their personal energy needs and energy lacks.
Auspicious and always used as great symbols for good luck  the pyramid shape,  in Hinduism the pyramid shape is seen as the Shree Yantra with sacred geometry forming a prominent part of religious rituals and symbols.
Take extra care when wearing a pyramid shaped finger ring as the point is towards outside and this negative energy coming form you may harm others unknowingly.To reduce this you can choose a pyramid shaped pendant or finger ring with smoothed out tip, that is it is not very sharp and pointed.
Always take acre to see that the point of your pyramid pendant or finger rings is not towards any person or thing. It will be affected badly as in feng shui any pointed sharp object facing produces shar energy, that of a poison arrow and may show negative effects on the person facing this.
If you wear it opposite, pyramid shaped pendant that is pointing towards top, sky the person may lose interest in worldly things and may also lead a lonely single life also affecting mental stability and thought processes. The base with its three corners will make the person less grounded and also affect relationships with a third person entry in life.
If you wear a gemstone finger ring in pyramid shape pointing towards your body, the point will keep pricking your finger skin and thus drain energy.Again here the base with its different sides will make the person lose focus and it may also attract negative energies from all sides coming towards you.
Never use gemstones or sacred geometry to harm anyone, it is a karmic law, what goes out comes back to you! wear the pyramid shape pendant and finger ring with care! Again you can place gemstones, pyramid shaped, in office and study area they are great luck and energy attracters for success and good grades.
Please choose the gemstone pyramid shaped pendant or finger ring only if you are comfortable ith wearing this and not because some one says. Any gemstone heals and connects only when it is loved and respected by the wearer.
Do share your experiences and you love for stones!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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