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Friday, July 24, 2015

How to Choose Funky Feng shui Evil Eye Cure Bracelet Tips for wearing evil eye cure

How will you choose an evil eye cure bracelet of jewelry? Fashion and trends going along with feng shui has a new form in feng shui trendy jewelry. From the turquoise finger rings to pyramid pendants of gemstones we see a lot of men as well as  women and even the new generation going in for trendy feng shui jewelry especially the evil eye cure one.
Evil eye cure bracelet in silver metal
It is so easy that you see the blue black eye shape and buy a piece of jewelry be it ear rings, finger rings, pendants or bracelet. yes you see the colors and the shape but hardly do you give another glance or pay attention to this feng shui cure whether  it is good or not. And if this will help or create more harm. Mostly these are made of glass or plastic, choose the beads carefully.
1) Evil eye cure shape and colors need to be vibrant. the french ultramarine blue has to be clear and shiny and not dull or muddy.
2) Shape of the evil eye cure is not the same and you can get creative with square, oval, eye shape or diamond shape also.
3) It must not be chipped or cracked in any form. I never  advise to wear such a piece of stone or jewelry as it has already faced an attack of negative energy and is incomplete.
4) Choose a metal that you love especially silver bracelets of evil eye cure jewellery are good as they compliment the blue color perfectly.
5) Be sure to wear your evil eye cure jewelry confidently and visible to others as this is for that purpose, protection from evil eye!
Please do not wear broken cracked evil eye cure  jewelry. Not only  is the energy confusing it may also hurt you with sharp edges, not so good feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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