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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Received Gemstones Jewellery Online 3 Very ImportantTips for buying gemstone jewellery online

Received gemstone jewellery online!  Excitement, some doubt and then immense happiness when I received my gemstone jewelry from online gemstone jewelry store. After always checking, touching and going through the energy of my gemstones was a bit hesitant to buy from online gemstone jewelry shops. But was happy with the prompt delivery and well packaging as well as authenticity certificate .
And so easy payments and of course avoiding all the travelling in the hot sun , many of your loved reputed jewelers have online stores that provide you with home doorstep service. What more some also suggested that they send four pieces of jewelry to choose from what we love! and then buy.
Sharing three very important tips that I thought of, before buying my gemstones online.
Buying Gemstones Jeweler Online 3 Very Important Tips
1)  easy buying online gemstone jewelry, with a click and easy payments still go in for reputed brands of authenticated gemstone jewellery as authenticity of gemstones is always a question. Do not share all personal data, reputed stores never ask so many questions.
DGLA certified Gemstones Jewelry
2) Going for Cheap bargains in gemstone jewellery check this first! cheap online gemstone jewelry, is so so tempting, but do check the size of the gemstone, its composition if given and its originality. While we see a ruby stone ring on one site cheap but on the other very costly there is a difference in carat, size, shape, clarity hence the difference in price. So check and take the offers,  sale of online gemstone jewelry.
3) Always read the "conditions apply" and the Description of gemstone jewellery. Be clear from first for the option of returns and damaged products. Gemstones have to be good, as shown in image by the online jewellery store,  chipped, even some muddiness lowers its price and also does not sometimes have good energy for the wearer. This helps in  case of returns or the product not to your satisfaction, like shown in the image.
Finally my last one, when you receive a gemstone jeweler, yes its new, but still clean it thoroughly carefully and purify it before wearing. Your intentions have a great part in the stones loving and caring for you.
Ruby and Pearl Necklace Online gemstone Jewelry Stores.
Do share your experiences in buying gemstones, and gemstone jewelry from online stores, sharing helps !
Obsessed Over Stones, Rizwana A.Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!

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