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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bee Gemstone Brooch Jewellery Symbolism in Bee Shaped Jewellery

Bee shaped Gemstone Jewellery
Bee shape, does bring up some intriguing thoughts. Gemstone studded bee shaped brooch and jewelry pieces going in the trendy unique gemstone jewelry range comes up as one that is interesting and unique shape in gemstones.
Bee gemstone brooch
Honey bees have been a great symbol of hard sincere efforts and loyalty. It is known that the queen bee chooses a place for  honey comb and the bee workers are so sincere and focussed and hard working that they continue working effortlessly for days together, sometimes a bee hive is made in half a day,
Bee hive made in half a day in our terrace garden
like the one in our terrace garden!
Bees are thus a symbol of hard efforts, and gives a great focus to activity in life and goals. What more these brooches can be used in so many ways keeping in mind fashion trends, saree brooch, holding a scarf, hair decoration and holding special arty messages!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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