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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Feng shui brooch, Frog shaped Gemstone Saree Brooch

Designer sarees are going hot in traditional attire with so many modifications in wearing the traditional saree, it sure has made a beautiful comeback and is selected for grace and style. Saree brooches were one of the best and chosen along with jewelry. I still cherish the old designer brooches that the traditional Parsi women used to wear pinning their saree palluv.
Gemstone designer frog shaped saree brooch
This saree brooches have creative designs from birds to flowers and studded wiith gemstones. you can bring in feng shui with your  gemstone saree brooch by choosing the shape of a  frog , toad.
Frogs are a symbol of wealth in feng shui. And as they always keep hopping and have energy they are considered good symbols of wealth and good luck, just like the feng shui tortoise.
Gemstone jewellery can be so attractive and creative and can also heal and attract good energy for healing. And also such a unique way to attract attention!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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