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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Unusual Gemstones Raw stone colorful Unusual Unique Gemstones

Unusual gemstones, raw stones, colorful stones, unique stones found in nature. Colorful stones on beach, lake Michigan. Colorful rocks in Glass Beach at Fort Bragg, California. Cape hedge beach. Beautiful beach stones on Lake Huron near Kincardine Ontario,
Rainbow sands of Rodeo beach, a precious collection can be done collecting these awesum natural rocks found in natural with amazing unique  colors. No I have not visited these places. But each stone does bring a sparkle in my eye. we can spend hours/days/months/years  searching looking at stones found in nature. Somme show one color and turn into something else when moved. some show rare  qualities with sunlight. There are natural stones found that are mixtures of different stones. natural rock formations. Some after the effects of environment have particles, fossils, plant life animal life embedded in them giving them  a special unique presence.
Raw Agate and Opal

Amazonite Amazing

Unusual Ammonite

Beautiful cut unusual stone

Natural rocks

Dark Ammolite

Unusual stones Tiffany stones

Mexican Fire Opals

Unusual stones
A special thanks to Google and all those who share this awesum pics. I am not a gemstone seller, just a colored stone lover! This is such an awesum one, check out so many unique stones on etsy, ebay, amazon, alibaba, pin interest! 

Unusual gemstones are so beautiful unique and have an aura of spiritual  energy.  Raw stones found in nature are also each one special, and have loads of energy. Stone under going through different processes, cuts,  to make them sparkling, beautiful and glowing, are also awesum but I still love naturals! They have a part  of curiosity,  interest and raw adventure to them!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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