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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rose Quartz Idols and Sculptures and Objects Symbolism

Rose Quartz Ganesha Sculpture Idol
Rose quartz is a most loving energy beautiful stone. In so many hues shades of pinks the quartz is healing and soothes mind body and spirit.
My Most precious loved stone Rose Quartz Pyramid
Rose quartz is so loved that it is not only seen in gemstone jewelry as pendants and feng shui art objects like pyramids, balls, cylinders, globes , eggs and many more shapes. Sculptures and God idols are made with this healing stone to multiply the healing energy symbolism and is chosen according to  religious beliefs.
Pyramid pendant in Rose Quartz
Even after the pyramid, the ring and the many art objects still I long for the good quality rose quartz that would connect with me. It has to be of a great baby soft color in raw form,without any particles  or lines in it.
Rose Quartz Beads
Rose quartz is also available in loose beads and loose pyramid or other shapes that can be customized for personalized gemstone jewelry.
Till date this is my favorite, but there are so many amazingly beautiful colored unique stones out there...
All the Best from Rizwana!

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