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Unique Elephant Gemstone Jewellery Animal Totem Symbolism Good Luck Elephant shaped Finger rings Jewellery

Cute Baby elephant finger Ring in Silver
 Unique elephants shaped finger rings and pendants are being selected for their awesum symbolism and good luck elephants have been special animals since ages from the love of the elephant headed God Ganesha, and still do as strong symbols of auspicious luck.
Unique Elephant shaped finger ring
Protection for negative energies, attracting wealth and family caring supportive energy , all this and much more from the beautiful shaped elephants.  As Elephants are known to protect their family, honour and go till the last breath saving their loved ones, these have been strong symbols for good relationships and family support.
Wear the unique elephant finger rings with positive intentions and welcome the blessings. It has been discussed  as to the way these elephant shaped finger rings are worn,
1) The elephant with a trunk raised can ward away wealth as it symbolizes preparing for war or attack. 2) Then it also is seen that the elephant trunk is down straight, as in walking motion, this one can be soothing and good for everyone.
Silver Unique Elephant Shaped Finger Ring
3) Baby elephants finger rings are cute and innocent and do not harm anyone when worn in any way.
4) Pendants in elephant shape can be worn with the head of the elephant facing either side of body and never towards body and heart.
5) Stones are great, as Jade and Rose quartz, are favorites for elephant shaped pendants and finger rings.
Pair of Jade Elephants
6) Avoid wearing irregular abnormal  shaped elephant jewelry and one eyed or broken figure elephant shaped jewelry.
It is believed that these Elephants bring good luck, and good health to the wearers, protecting them from any ill coming their way.
Diamonds Unique Elephant Pendant
Meanwhile as during a Reiki meditation session , appeared the white one, I have begin painting these expression my love , that was already there for the Elephant Headed! Sharing one of the blessings of My Airavaat,  
Parasol of My Airavaat, The White Elephant, My Guardian Friend, Acrylic on Paper , Rizwana Mundewadi
God Bless and  All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. WOW . U have an Awesome Collection Keep it Up.

    Amit lamba
    Amit lamba

  2. Thanks a Lot Amit Lamba, my Beautiful majestic Airavaat is Awesum!
    God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!


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