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Friday, September 20, 2013

Corals Deep Red Color and Selection Tips Stone for Mars

Corals are deep red without any deformities. Corals are allowed to mature over years under sea and when ripe are ready to use in jewellery. Found under sea corals range from white , pink,   to deep red and vermillon depending upon the depth of the sea underwater they are found. Corals are opaque and also not that  shiny in raw state. Attacked by sponges and worms underwater, coral reefs are formed,  give the coral appearance of holes.
A good coral is of deep red vermillon color, clear color and opaque.  It must not have any deformities, and cracks. Coral stone must be smooth surface and no holes in, any color or physical deformities in coral stone  is believed to bring ill luck to the wearer.
Corals are   believed to protect the wearer from evil eye and bad luck. Promotes good health and  success in wealth. By qualified gemstone healers and gemologists a faulty coral stone is thought to bring pain in joints, migraine headaches, stone with dents and cracks is harmful for relationships and health  of the wearer.
Coral is a delicate stone and must be removed while cooking or dealing with any form of acids. It is also important to store coral jewelry separately a s it can easily gets scratched.
Red Colored Stone in Ring


  1. This is certainly an informative post about Deep Red Coral stone of mars. I really like it.

  2. Nisha thank you very much Welcome to Obsessed Over Stones! Amazing link you have here, Love Deep Red!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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