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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What are Gemstones Meaning of gemstones

Gemstone is a semi precious or precious mineral which is cut and polished form to make jewellery or other adornments. Also certain rocks and organic materials, like lapis, lazuli, amber,  are also used as stones.
Most gemstones  are hard and some are soft and used in jewellery because of their shine , luster and rarity. Gemstones are found in raw manner which are then cut to fineness and this brings the shine and sparkle in the gemstones.
Precious stones are pure forms of stones like diamonds, sapphire, ruby and emerald, all other  stones are semi precious. Diamond being the toughest stone the other stones are valued by their translucent nature and fine pure color. Any gemologist will check the originality of the gemstone by the first step, finding the physical characteristics and chemical  composition of the gemstone.
Meaning of gemstones
Gems are valued by their refractive index, their clarity, hardiness  and luster. Finding out the value of each gemstone is done by various gemological institute methods. As for the buyers diamonds are simply graded in to four terms,  color, cut , clarity and carats.
Usually certified gemstone dealers have the certificate of valuation and this helps the customer to understand the originality of the gemstone.


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