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Cursed Gemstones Myth or Facts Jinxed Gemstones

Cursed gemstones, many people mention some gemstones that are cursed or thought about to bring ill luck to the wearer. By example or personal experiences some stones have been labeled a s cursed and avoided by people. This led me to find out more about this myth or fact about the lovely colorful gemstones.
Found one about ‘The khooni Neelam”, Raktamukhi Neelam,  brings bad luck to the wearer and as it is promoted to bring immense wealth and recognition very fast so does the energy take away even the life of the wearer. I am not sure about  the authenticity of this information but why take risk, with your life and your family. This is a blue sapphire, bluish red color,  which may have certain fibrous impurities of reddish color in it and thus the name and it is thought to bring about blood shed. It may suit a  few or not suit but it brings about a very fast energy that helps the wearer to gain immense success very fast, but the ultimate is death, as I have read.
Bluish Black Crystalline gemstone Ring
Another cursed gemstone The  Delhi  Purple Sapphire, looks like amethysts stone , beautiful purple color, everyone who owned this stone during British era have suffered losses and lives. And this has been labeled as bringing  ill luck. It is found that the last owner had closed it off in a box with warning for the opener, really powerful bad luck.
Most of the times Diamonds were found to bring ill luck and many people still avoid wearing a diamond. Goes back to history that kings and rich people did not want people to steal diamonds and own them and hence have spread this about the  ill powers of diamonds. Robbers  also used  to eat diamonds  while working in mines, to steal  them and with the notion that kings queens used to swallow diamonds to die, this myth has kept in check stealing of diamonds by eating , swallowing these beautiful stones. As diamonds contain arsenic this is poisonous for health, the stone emits  fumes in strong heat and with acid of stomach may also lead to death when consumed in large quantities.
There is also a story about a Turkish sultan  who loved Opals and wanted all the opals in the world hence brought about the story about opals bringing ill luck and when everyone sold their opals at very low price , wonder what happened of him.
Healers list as Cinnabar a stone of high toxicity and one needs to be careful while using this in healings especially as it dissolves gradually in water. Malachite another stone with high toxicity , high levels of copper sulphate.  There are also a few other stones that may emit fumes and all this also depends upon the composition , chemical composition of the stone.
I am not sure about the ill lucks of stones but as myths pass on lores are shared people  strongly advise not to wear some stones and also some people of certain birth months or birth dates there are jinxed gemstones.
Usually also when someone wears a new gemstone ring or jewelry  and  anything bad happens, be it nature or coincidence the stone is labeled jinxed. If you do believe in such myths please follow your heart and never wear such a stone, its not worth risking your life and your close ones!
There may also be a possibility that gemstone dealers and manufacturers have made this awareness to increase value  of clear gemstones, command higher price,  as compared to raw stones from gemstone buyers.
In case you do not believe in such myths,  be bold and enjoy the rarity, the opaqueness, the fantasy magic surrounding  black gemstones! There are beautiful modifications, beautiful designs, natural patterns found in different  gemstones making each one unique and special, you see wonderful patterns, in them.  As one sees in direction of the light these faulty, incomplete, cracked gemstones have a beauty of their own, and reflect in various directions beautiful colorful rays.
and of course it is all on the intent put up by the wearer and the healer on that stone that matters.


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