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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Same Color Gemstones Different Types of Stones Having Same Color Different Prices

Pink Gemstone

Pearl Original pearl

Emerald gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone Silver Ring

Same colored different gemstones can be found with gemstone dealers. As we see only the color of the gemstone there may be many stones of the same color but of different names, clarity.  We are shocked to find a vast range of  difference in the price value of same colored gemstones. Why same colored gemstones have different prices.
Ruby , the most vibrant stone for fame and recognition and attracting good business and wealth is one of the most popular gemstones sought after by many people who love stones.
 With different colored and shades in this particular gemstone, ruby,  it is very easy to get a cheaper version if you do not buy rubies from a  certified gemstone dealer or manufacturer. Red, pink, magenta, lighter red, pale pink, and even  dull pink, rubies are found in many colorful shades  of red. Also we find lab created ruby stones in various shades of red and pink. It becomes very difficult to identify the original ruby from the different stones we see ,and they look almost the same , in fact the cheaper version  of ruby gemstone looks more attractive and vibrant.
Blue sapphires, blue lab created sapphire ,  blue spinel and blue  tanzanite all look almost the same with naked eye.
Yellow colored stones , citrine, yellow topaz and yellow sapphire all look almost same by us and only the certified gemstone manufacturer and dealer will be able to provide the clarity and authenticity certificate for this beautiful yellow stone.
Green colored stones, the beautiful stones for healing heart chakra, emeralds, green spinel, Tourmaline and lab created emeralds all look the same as green colored sparkling shiny gemstones.
Thus though the gemstones look almost the same to the naked eye and also may have the same composition they are priced differently.
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