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Sunday, September 15, 2013

How do gemstones get their color Why we see Same Stones of Different Colors

How do gemstones get their color when original stones, especially diamonds,  look transparent. From sparkling white too off white to  red to vibrant yellow  and turquoise green as many gemstones are found in white transparent form many stones get their color when they Gemstones get their color  by the response from the natural as well as artificial light  they come in contact with.
The color of any stone is due to the natural light in the environment.  We know that day light, sunlight, which looks white is in fact a combination of all colors of the spectrum. When light comes in contact with the gemstone lost of the light is absorbed and  a small amount of light in a particular frequency or wavelength is reflected.  This part that is reflected reaches the eye and the eye sees the color  of the gem stone. Example the emerald absorbs all the other colors of the spectrum and reflects green,   ruby,  absorbs all the other colors of white light, blue green and reflect red.
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Emerald Gemstones
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The same gems tone can also be found in many different colors. Even though the composition of the stone is same the amount of impurities will affect the amount and frequency of light reflected from each stone and hence the same named composition gemstone may also exhibit different shades and colors.
We see the original stones and the lab created stones, difference being the original gemstones may be a bit dull  with impurities inside the stone and the lab created ones are treated to bring out the vibrancy and sparkle of the gemstone by cut and polishing. Gemstone manufacturers also manipulate and process certain treatment to the stones to bring about a more vibrant, and rich color in any gemstone.  
It is seen that a process of heating more often improves the clarity and deepness of the color of the gemstone.


  1. A green stone a bout 8Kg, out shell like dry coconut, heavy, if use touch light direct stone can absorb light and reflect, touch light pull over stone, light line appear on stone, lighting 5-10 minutes per time.
    What kind of stone.

  2. Oh Oh this must be a beautiful stone, when it absorbs and reflect light, Vincent, I am not a gemologist, but yes maybe one can help us. Tourmaline stones are found in many colors, post a pic on gmail
    Take Care!

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