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Friday, September 20, 2013

Finding A Genuine Emerald Original Emerald Gemstone

Green colored stone

Finding a genuine emerald stone is very important and as flaws in stone lower the value of stones one can easily get carried away by the luster  of fake emeralds.
A genuine emerald will have a pure fresh green color. When exposed to sunlight or artificial light the genuine emerald stone must not change color.  It must be soothing, and emit positive vibrations with pure light reflecting energy form the stone.  A fine cut stone, polished,  with good reflective surface without any inclusions and scratches on the surface or inside the stone.
greenstone reflecting light
Some flaws seen in emeralds are that the stone emits a different color with light, maybe bluish green.  It may also have dents or uneven sides that reduce the value of the emerald stone. Any fissures, spots, graininess of the emerald  stone reduces the value of the emerald stone.  Smoky, grainy, broken from sides, abnormal shapes, such emerald stones may bring ill luck and promote ill health to the wearer and their family.
Emerald gemstone with its pure fresh green color  is believed  to be very good stone for financial prosperity and luck.

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