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Friday, September 20, 2013

Find Genuine Yellow sapphire Pukhraj

Yellow , orange golden color yellow sapphire is a beautiful stone. A beautiful lemon colored stone is considered best pukhraj  by healers.
Transparency of the yellow sapphire stone is one   of the qualities of genuine yellow sapphire stone. It must be clear, devoid of any deformities, and smooth on surface. The light emitted in day light or artificial light must spread a healthy yellowing golden aura and genuine yellow sapphire emits positive vibrations surrounding it.
When one must stop wearing yellow sapphire stone ring.  When the stone is dented or broken from edge or a part of stone is chipped, it breaks the aura of healing and beauty, this may bring ill health and bad luck to the wearer. Some people also mention new formations developing in the gemstone, and thus stop wearing the rings.
Yellow Gemstone in Silver Ring

It is believed that the stone changes with the energy and health of the wearer.  When ill health the stone turns cloudy and then clears off when health recovers. Any breaks, dents in this yellows tone may attract negative energy.
Yellow stone is believed to be very good for sexual chakra, Hara chakra, the second and third chakra, golden yellow colored stone that emits clear pleasant yellow light is very good to heal  issues of personal fear, anxieties, stomach related problems, fear of any loss, insecurities
Lemon yellow Bright gemstone in Ring


  1. Is this ring studded in silver ? My astrologer recommended to buy a yellow sapphire studded in gold only. Can i wear it in silver also ?

  2. Robin some gemstones are embedded in gold if they are sun energy lovers, some stones with cool energy are made in jewellery of silver.
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. You have written short and very beautifully information about Genuine Yellow sapphire.

  4. Yellow Sapphire! Welcome to Obsessed Over Stones! Love the color yellow, awesum stone for healing chakra.
    Have a Great day from Rizwana!,

  5. 3.12 yellow sapphire has a small black dot in it
    can i wear it ? is it safe to wear this stone

  6. Hello Guesgues , dots are usually avoided but today it is difficult to get a gemstone without any impurities, if you love the stone then it will give you its blessings.

  7. HI,

    Picture of yellow sapphire ring is not clear

    Shubh Gems

    1. Hi Shub Gems, yes it is an old photograph, year 2013.

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