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Friday, February 8, 2013

Amber the Golden Yellow Stone Jewellery Healing Properties

Amber a beautiful yellow stone, shines like gold in light is a beautiful stone which has properties to increase confidence and also overcomes depression and sleep disorders. Actually Amber is not a gemstone it is a fossilized resin from a tree. The solar plexus associated with this chakra this amber gemstone , transparent or translucent , helps to heal many problems.
Amber stone helps to heal and purify mind and body. It helps heal any disease and draws positive energy for the benefit of the wearer.
Amber gem stone also helps in decision making and improves self confidence and clears depression and negative thoughts. A creative healing stone develops the brain on both sides, the left and the right.Amber gems tone jewellery can be made in any metal especially sterling silver looks stunning with the shiny metal along with the yellow golden glow.
A stone appropriate for Zodiac and Leo signs this beautiful yellow stone feels like wearing gold. As the stone reflects so it attracts positive energy of the sun and favours the solar plexus chakra.
Purification and care procedures involve washing with mild soap in flowing water. Dry with soft muslin cloth. Avoid any abrasive materials or rough texture clothes coming in contact with the stone as the surface may get abrased. You may put up any intention to the Amber stone if used as a healing stone to heal all problems related to restlessness  depression  anxiety, low self confidence, unable to make decisions  and improve concentration in studies.
Also used as romantic stone to attract love, wisdom and remove negativity. Wear it for wealth and good luck, maybe the golden glow will attract more gold!, wealth , good luck and prosperity. Go with your gut feeling and personal likes while selecting any gemstone for jewellery. Some people also love to embed this stone in platinum or gold , but with the shooting prices of gold and platinum, again it is a personal choice, the Amber stone looks stunning with sterling silver or platinum with the golden glow. Jewellery made using gem stone Amber may be in earrings, rings, neck pieces, or traditional choker or any jewellery  but do remember too much of yellow may bring out your skin to look pale as compared to the Amber stone, so keep it minimum, you will shine!
Take Care and All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art


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  2. wow great amber jewellery, thanks for coming by my blog Natalia

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  4. Thanks Dawes Tejada for coming by Obsessed Over Stones and your kind words here.
    I love the yellow stone as this is very good for chakra healing and aids in healing stomach related health problems.apart from its beautiful yellow golden glow in sunlight.
    Take Care and All the Best!

  5. yes, yellow stone is very beautiful good healing and aids for health related problems.I like your post and awaitng for your new post.

    Thank you.

  6. Dawes you have lovely pieces of yellow stone jewellery.
    Thanks for coming here and your comment.

  7. Yellow is a very nice color in itself. Thanks for this information. I work with and like to share and learn useful information about colored stones and jewerly.

  8. Thanks Gem Pundit for coming by Obsessed Over Stones, and this is wonderful that we share the same passion for stones, except that you are qualified and work there, so get first hand knowledge and experience. Do share about gemstones for our readers of
    Thank you Take Care and all the Best!

  9. Hi Rizwana Mundewadi,

    This is really great description about the amber golden yellow stone jewellery great work keep posting and waiting for your new article

  10. Shubh Gems, Thanks a lot for liking my blog,and the wonderful comment! All the Best from Rizwana!

  11. Hi,
    Rizwana Mundewadi

    Yellow sapphire is one of the most costly and demanding stone, thanks for writing article on yellow sapphire, great work

    1. Gji Online, thanks a lot , yes I love the yellow of sapphire!

  12. great description of the amber golden. Its very beautiful good healing and supports other health issues


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