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Favoured Stone for each Month Jewellery and Properties

Jewellery of your birth stone for good luck fame and wealth, everyone is in search of all these, for the average minds a miracle is always welcome and for those ultra rich more is always welcome!with the search on google on properties of these colored beautiful stone, some precious some semi precious and some glass! yes you will find it strange but the glass crystals also look the same in fact they shine sparkle more brightly than the original gem stones, and of course they come at a fraction of fraction of the amount you pay. here we find a favoured stone for month.
January Garnet, the stone an attracter to people brings more opportunities and prosperity, fame recognition and wealth. Energy stone for confidence health.
Feb Amethyst Spinel
Spinel a stone of renewal and calm, protection, and amethyst a purple stone for increasing psychic abilities, intuition very good for success in any field especially creative fields.
 March Aquamarine, beautiful blue, color of water, purity and spiritual empowerment, peace and calm, stone for protection especially those working in sea or water.
April White Spinel, rejuvenating energy, help to overcome obstacles, pure energy protection.
May Shamrock Spinel, shamrock emerald, green prosperity and good luck, wealth and fame stone.
June Alexandrite, stone of self esteem and joy. Prosperity and recognition.
July Ruby, confidence, fame and recognition, energy stone.
August Peridot, olive green color, to control anger, attract love and heal relationships. Prosperity and happiness.
Fire Blue Spinel, fire energy and calming peace energy. Improves confidence and attracts good luck.
October Rose Zircon, peace, used in healing all body and mind disorders.
November Topaz, a spiritual stone, yellow color, improves business ad attracts wealth.increases stability of wearer and brings success, fame and recognition.
December Blue Zircon
Fame success and wealth luck. Also helps cure insomnia and seep disorders. The stone honours the wearer with Wisdom and respect improved self esteem.
Though these colored fantasies look very inviting I feel each one is attracted to a different stone and there are no rules here, as I find my birth stone too relaxing but tourmaline and ruby great must find one soon!buy wear what you like, any gemstone,  will heal you as your wish.
All the Best!


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