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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tanzanite Stone of magic and Magic jewelery

Tanzanite stone of magic properties of healing as balancing the intentions of personal ambitions desires and actual practical situations, thus bringing about progress. Tanzanite stone is available in colors ranging from blue to purple, as the color of the third eye chakra.
Tanzanite often termed as magic stone as it stimulates the third eye chakra, throat chakra and the crown chakra thus improving psychic powers and aids in good communication and understanding of mind. Human relations and interaction with people is the most important aspect for any business to flourish and by balancing these energies and improving communication skills the stone Tanzanite is appropriately termed as magic stone.
Jewelery customized and made using tanzanite looks great and can be worn by any person. Do give respect and take proper care of your gem stone jewelry for best healing results. Magic jewelry worn with healing intention for healing will send out the vibes needed by the body for healing energy for its chakras. Blue deep and Purple colored gemstones look very very attractive to the eye but too much may not be good, person may sometimes lose focus on reality, so a combination of gemstones along with white diamonds will give better results in healing or maybe a small gemstone in a ring, an ear ring or bracelet.

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