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Tiger eye Gemstone healing properties and Designer jewelery

Tiger eye stone is found in brown, red, blue, black, cream colors. Tiger eye often used for protecting from negative energies and evil eye is a stone for developing practical thinking.
Among the healing properties of tiger eye stone are that its makes one feel grounded and stable and develops practical thinking abilities. Tiger eye is also used to open the mind for success by accepting situations and dissolves any unrealistic demands and internal pride. Tiger eye also aids in understanding others and self needs by giving out positive peaceful vibes of energy bringing about calmness in unsettled energy of mind and body.
Using Tiger eye gemstone in jewelery gives an instant glow to your face and body. As the black stone is most famous it has also been found that black color repels people away from you, so if you are a socialite do not wear too much of black stone jewelry. You may customize your gem stones in diamonds or white or any other color stones along with a single piece of tiger eye in it.
Blue that is darker side is preferred over black. For spiritual healers they do prefer black gemstone finger rings as they have to deal with strong negative energies. Yellow, brown  tiger eye is the most sought after stone for its healing properties, as for the glistening golden sparkle it produces when faced to sunlight.


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