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All you Need to Know About Crystals! 7 ways to Use Crystals as Feng Shui Cures and Three danger Zones to avoid crystals placement

Crystals as Feng Shui cures, yes, crystals are very effective cures for so many life issues and work wonders as Feng shuii cures. When we talk of crystals the first thought comes as in jewelry, finger rings, earrings, and now recently past few years crystals are rocking as artifacts and show pieces of unique kinds.
Swarovski Crystal World  unique crystal

Swarovski Crystal World Shopping for unique crystals artifacts and swarovski jewelry
Pure Crystal  Crystals are a very effective cure for healing in feng shui. Time has proved that crystals due to their light refractive properties are loved and their sparkle has been proved to act as negative energy deflectors.
Diamonds are very costly and hence crystals are the affordable counter part, that looks almost similar, yes, truly, it is very difficult for a lay person to identify a genuine diamond and crystal, or cut glass pieces.
They look so similar and one wonders about the price we pay fro real diamonds that shoots the sky! But they surely are different in their properties and energy effects and symbolism. and the feelings of wearing a solitaire diamond is priceless!
As crystals are cut glass, they reflect sunlight, energy. they are immense boosters of bringing in fresh energy to any space. When I visited The Glass Museum, Swarovski World, Wattens Austria, the world stopped, there are so many perfect beauties in crystals. Each made with lot of skill and perfection, but yes, they are glass!
Coming to crystals as Feng Shuii Simple cures, that's my favorite blog with Tons of knowledge, do visit.  Not all places in the Ba Gua will benefit from crystals so you need to have some knowledge on where you can use crystals as cures and where to avoid these.
sharing 7 places where crystals will benefit your feng shuii life energy and three anger zones where you must really avoid placing crystals.
1) Outside Entrance, main door , will benefit is you have a bad view outside. Like garbage piles, graveyard, even lift facing your door, or a tall tree blocking your view.
2) Bell! yes, surround your main door bell with crystals, see how magically your luck shines! have you tried this? what changes did you see, or try this now and share your life changes in the comments.
3) Prosperity sector. Definitely the best place, for wealth luck. I did this, brings a smile on my face, the crystals were not even very costly ones, but I do have to genuinely Thank the Universe for her love! When I read about this in old Feng Shuii books, I thought why not give this a try, and you know when you are young , you do all sorts of trials in feng shuii to open the magical key that will bring in wealth flowing. I did paint feng shuii paintings for wealth luck, if you are curious to know , visit my website. Rizwana Mundewadi's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art
4) Wealth sector. South east in Feng Shuii is the wealth sector. Till you own it fake it! yes, did just that and it worked! for me!  Place crystals till you own diamonds! that's the magic of Feng Shuii!
5) North very good sector. Career, opportunities and business luck. Any profession you are in you will surely benefit by placing a crystal globe in this sector. If you have a home office or your own table in office, place this in the left side corner, see how this works! and do share your experiences with me in the comments section!
6) Relationships sector, WOW!  this falls in the Feng Shuii South West. place two pink crystals, I need not say more about how magical your love life will become and how your relationships with your partner, spouse, will improve drastically.  Remember two!
7) North west, yes It works! Birds made of crystals bring in good mentors and supporters in your life. You also attract good opportunities and suddenly you see help coming to assist you from known and unknown sources. I now have placed my bird paintings here as it was difficult to maintain the crystals cures to their best sparkle for many years.  Heavenly Blessings Reiki Feng Shuii Symbol Paintings of Birds

Another surprise bonus!
never heard or read this before! very simple, your portfolio file or drawer, put a bag of tiny crystals, or a chunky crystal in green. We see such beautiful pieces I go crazy, beautifully green, almost starlight healing rays to the  heart! these green crystals have their own holders too, place them on your table, see them work on your heart, wealth and relationships! and do share your experiences!

Three Danger Zones, never use Crystals  as Feng shuii cures here-
1) Cracked mirror embellished with crystals. we read that crystals amplify energy, but  we don't benefit in this case. That too facing the outside. Energy from main door comes in and when it sees a cracked mirror and that too with so many tiny crystals that reflect the same image, it affects seriously your self esteem, work, life energy, some people are accidentally hurt, some attract accidents and this is really very very dangerous, avoid this.  I did hang it, it cracked, there was such a strong negative energy coming which i had not noticed, and when the crystals fell down, I understood. Way back then i used to get attached to a lot of feng shuii cures, and did not feel the need to throw that cracked crystal. but now i advice, please don't used cracked and broken crystals. 
2) The door outside your shop or corporate building. We see so many modern building with main doors embellishment with crystal murals. All the beauty lies outside and when you open the door the energy is not so sparkly, thus it affects the buyers brain and senses and they suddenly feel low inside, this affects sales. Another aspect in Feng Shuii chi, is already reflected back and does not enter your space. Crystals door act as mirrors and they drive away your business from outside only. Do you have a crystals main door? share here!  I will guide you on how to change the energy without replacing away your costly crystal door!
3) Opulent bathrooms and toilets have crystals, yes, it is the decor trend today.  In feng Shuii Masters always advice to keep the toilets simple. Imagine the toilet seat or the in side of the door with crystals that keep reflecting the negative energy in the toilet. The swirls of energy will make the space claustrophobic and uneasy. If the crystals reflect the toilet seat, that is even worse. and then if your children have the habit of keeping the bathroom door open, imagine how this will affect your home energy, hope you get this!
Crystals work wonder, try it, it works as feng shuii cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
have you tried crystals as feng Shuii cures? do share here in comments, what effects did you notice? did you not notice any changes? I can guide you on the right use.
Did few Gemstone Inspired Paintings check them here Gemstones Luck Paintings
check my visit to Austria here read -Swarovski Crystal World Wattens best Crystals in the world
How to use pink coloured stones effectively as Feng Shuii cures


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