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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tourmaline a wonderful Gem Stone Believed to Have Healing Properties

Tourmaline gemstone jewellery, a ring, a pendant or just the raw rock, tourmaline stones are very attractive and especially the water melon stone having two colors pink and green,absolutely breath taking! 
Tourmaline stones jewellery can be made using gold, platinum or five metals as desired, or as recommended if you believe.
Tourmaline gemstones have been used in healing and have been proved to have psychic abilities to heal. This beautiful Tourmaline stones are available in many colors each colored Tourmaline stone has its own healing properties. Tourmaline stones are used to improve concentration, develop compassion and understanding, also used to help in many diseases related to mind by relaxing the mind and bringing about harmony and peace. They dispel negative energies, neutralize them, and protect and develop confidence. Tourmaline stones also aid in detoxification of the body.
Red or pink tourmaline has properties similar to any pink stone, like rose quartz, to attract love and develop love and compassion and acceptance towards others. Red colored stone is used as energy enhancer and for improving confidence  Blue Tourmaline has psychic abilities and powers to open the third eye , increases intuition abilities and protects from psychic attacks and mostly used by healers. These are considered very good for channeling energies from the universe, higher force.  Communication stone the deeper the blue the more powerful its properties for improving communication skills and intuition. Yellow Tourmaline is specially good for business and job employment. Colorless Tourmaline is best stone for healing.
People use this stone for improving business, love luck, psychic abilities and intuition required in some professions, media professionals and those who have job in communication field.
Care of Tourmaline Stone jewellery- As in any precious or semi precious stone avoid over exposure to direct sunlight and winds. For preserving life of  your gemstone jewellery keep them away from direct sunlight rays in a cooler place. 
Avoid wearing gemstone jewellery in rains and flowing water, like sea beaches or water falls. The Tourmaline will not only lose its sheer but also you may lose your jewellery in the force of water.For healing purposes clean it with mild salt water and then clean water, wipe with very soft muslin cloth, put the intentions you want the stone for.
never never spill make up on gem stone jewellery, and avoid abrasive materials coming in contact with gem stones as they will lose their sheen, and always clean wipe it after every use before storing in jewellery box.
Obsessed Over Stones
Luck or no luck the stone is beautiful and definitely worth a try!
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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