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Magical Power of Your Brain - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

healing art, art that heals, whether it is magic, miracle or just fake, it works as you work. faith is the most important aspect in our life. The human brain has the capacity to create events and dissolve events, if you say you win you win and if you say you lose you lose, either way you are correct!
Draw the power from the universe, a Reiki channel is a person who helps you to channel the already existing energy of the universe. The universe has everything in abundance, it is upto you to draw it and enjoy.
In hospitals healing art, may not cure the disease but it helps to come to terms with the situation and acceptance followed by healing. In homes situations of stress, art heals by giving the mind a challenge to think of something else , other than your problem, and thus eases pain of mind, confusion,  and body and open  new ways to solve your problems. the symbols have been used since ages and have been a facilitator in healing, for those who need physcial images for bringing about healing. They are mere lines of color, a play of mind, but with the intentions, just like any other artist paints a landscape with their soul or a portrait with the same passion, you spread a moment I spread life!
I am not a magician , just a simple pure soul, the journey of the red pilgrim continues as life unfolds new lessons to me each day...soul scrubbed, tossed and turned, leaving an emptiness, faith shaken, trust battered, and mind tattered, still continue, again try to bring a smile,again learn to trust, again try to begin sharing love. believe me the journey is quite ..not easy, .but the destination known one of enlightenment and peace,freedom at peace with ones self, i am as i am.
I wish to make simple colorful symbolic understandable art, art that heals.
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art


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